UNI-Thread Furled Leader

$ 8.45
UNI-Thread Furled Leader
  • UNI-Thread Furled Leader
  • UNI-Thread Furled Leader Chartreuse
  • UNI-Thread Furled Leader Grey
  • UNI-Thread Furled Leader Olive
  • UNI-Thread Furled Leader Tan
  • UNI-Thread Furled Leader Light Yellow
*No charge for micro tip ring.
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Furled Leader

What sets these leaders apart from the others?

  • Precision-made from a single continuous strand of UNI-Thread.
  • Made by hand in the USA from the finest materials.
  • Over fifteen years of furled leader-making expertise goes into each leader.
  • Specialized tools and techniques for optimal quality and consistency.
  • The best possible customer service experience: Great products, easy orders, and quick deliveries!


Here is a list of features for our UNI-Thread Furled Leaders:

  • Continuous strand, UNI-Thread construction.
  • Woven butt loop for quick change loop-to-loop connection.
  • Micro tip ring (optional) for easy attachment of tippet.
  • Extra fine tips for delicate fly presentation.
  • Just the right amount of stretch. Less stretch than monofilament furled leaders.
  • Virtually memory free.
  • Exceptional turnover.
Furled Leader Tip Ring


Light Weight - For lines 3wt and lighter. Can also be used with heavier lines for extra delicate presentation. Great for fishing small flies.

Medium Weight - For use with 4, 5, and 6 weight fly lines. A good general purpose weight. Created for these line weights but can be used with lighter or heavier lines.

Heavy Weight - For lines 7wt and heavier.


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