Furled Leader Care and Use


An application of floatant is needed to keep furled leaders floating.

Thick paste style line dressings such as Mucilin or Payette are recommended. Apply to a dry leader prior to fishing for best results. Re-application may be needed after several hours of fishing.


Furled leaders are capable of turning over very long, light tippets. Many anglers use a long piece of a single size of tippet on the end of their furled leaders. An example would be 3 feet of 5x tied directly to the end of the furled leader. While this may work well, it is often better to add very long tippets in a stepped down fashion. Adding 1 1/2 to 2 feet of 2x or 3x followed by 2 feet of 4-6x will usually produce better results. It will also prevent you from losing 4 (or more) feet of tippet if you snag and break off. Experimenting with tippet configuration will allow you to alter your fly presentation. Every angler will need to take time to find out what works best for them.


There are no special storage requirements for UNI-Thread, fluorocarbon, or monofilament furled leaders. These materials, including UNI-Thread are not affected by mold or mildew. Still, it is not recommended to store them wet. Damp leaders will be difficult to treat with floatant on your next trip.


Do not use rubber leader straighteners on furled leaders. Furled leaders have inherently low memory. To remove any coils that occur due to storage, simply stretch the leader firmly a few feet at a time and the coils will disappear. Your leader will then be memory free for the duration of the day's fishing.