Tippet Rings

$ 7.75
Tippet Rings

Packs of 15 Tippet Rings

We are proud to now offer our customers a high quality tippet ring. Our rings are smooth, round, and strong! Tippet and leader material ties easily and securely to these rings without unexpected breakage. Don't be fooled by cheap, knock-off tippet rings. Sold in packs of 15, our rings offer more bang for your buck than comparable rings from other brands.

These rings are ideal for rigging conventional mono leaders and are a must have for anglers who practice Euro and tightline nymphing techniques. Quit wasting leaders and tippet material, add rings for a permanent no-hassle connection point. Create modular sighter systems. Add dropper flies simply and securely to your leader.


Small 1mm size - The smallest ring available. We use this size on our light and medium weight furled leaders. Small enough for even the smallest dry fly and midge fishing, yet incredibly strong.

Medium 2mm size - Easy to work with, but small enough for almost all applications. Equally at home on the tip of a leader or a permanent but section.


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