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Adjustable Thingamabobber Leader

$ 6.95
Adjustable Thingamabobber Leader
  • Adjustable Thingamabobber Leader
  • Adjustable Thingamabobber Leader Black & White
  • Adjustable Thingamabobber Leader Fire Red
  • Adjustable Thingamabobber Leader Red & White
  • Adjustable Thingamabobber Leader White
  • Adjustable Thingamabobber Leader Yellow

Leader Length – 4′
Thingamabobber Size – Medium (¾″)

Adjustable Thingamabobber Leaders

Adjustable Thingamabobber Leader

Get all the advantages of using Thingamabobber strike indicators without ruining your leaders.

  • Easily adjust the position of the Thingamabobber to effectively fish different depths.
  • Indicator spins freely around the leader to prevent twists.
  • Indicator does not damage or kink your leader. Quality Maxima monofilament for long life and durability.
  • No toothpicks, pegs, or rubber bands to lose.
  • Micro swivel for quick, easy, and strong rigging. Also further reduces leader twists.
  • Oversize butt loop allows the indicator to pass through for quick and easy loop-to-loop attachment of the leader to fly line.


Attach approximately 3 to 4 feet of 6 to 10 pound monofilament to the swivel of your leader. This will be the front half of your leader. Then attach your tippet as you would with a conventional leader. Split shot should be placed above this connection. This will prevent your weight from slipping down to your flies.

This setup can be altered to suit the typical depths you will be fishing fishing. For deeper water, make the front half of your leader longer. Either add more monofilament in a stepped down fashion to accomodate lighter tippets or start with a longer piece of monofilament for the front section of your leader.

Adjustable Thingamabobber Leader

Indicator Adjustment

To adjust you indicator position, slide the pre-installed stops to the desired location. The Thingamabobber should be held in place by the stops but still spin freely around the leader.

We recommend adjusting the indicator so that the distance between it and your split shot (or flies if no extra weight is used) is equal to 1½ times the estimated depth of water. Make small adjustments until your flies are drifting as desired. Shorten the distance between indicator and weight if the flies are snagging the stream bottom too often.


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